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Q. What is the current Tax Millage Rate for Hillcrest Heights?
    The 2013-2014 tax rate is 0.3100 down from.

Q. What is ?

Q. What is ?

"Rules of the Road"

Town Policies and important information about living in Hillcrest Heights.



The Southwest Florida Water Management District’s Governing Board revised the Modified Phase IV (or Critical) Water Shortage restrictions for potable water use in the Tampa Bay Water service area effective July 1, 2010. This includes Hillcrest Heights for Polk County Water Restrictions.

Polk Property Appraiser Information

Please click on the map to see a larger image of the parcels that make up Hillcrest Heights, FL.

Click here to go to the Polk County Property Appraiser Web site for information on all parcels in Polk County.

Click on this link for a Hillcrest Heights Official Zoning Map

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