Building Permits

Additional Information


Permits are required for all types of construction and / or renovation projects.

Before you begin your project, CHECK HERE to see if a permit is required.  

The Town of Hillcrest Heights has delegated the bulk of processing and oversight regarding building permit administration to Polk County's Building Division.  Approval of new projects however, require the town to sign off before the permit is issued.  To avoid delays in getting your permit processed you should first email the Town Clerk for approval of your project at:

In your email to the clerk, provide a brief description of your project to include: Type of work to be done; Scope of the project; and the Anticipated Start Date.  Additional information may be required.  If so, the town clerk will inform you. 

CROOKED LAKE PROJECTS:  Please note that the entire bottom surface of Crooked Lake belongs to the town and as such it is an area of special concern, particularly regarding structures being built anywhere on the Lake.  There is a Town Ordinance that outlines requirements and includes size restrictions for any new or renovated docks, boathouses or similar type structure being built on the lake.